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  • Waterline Cover to protect entire boat


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Custom Canvas - Marine, Golf, Bespoke Fasteners

  • DOT® Fasteners - Snap Fasteners, Caps, Studs, Posts, Screw Studs, and more.
  • Fasnap - Metal & Plastic Fasteners, Screws, Snaps and more.



  • LenZip - Commercial & Industrial Zippers


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GORE® TENARA® Sewing Thread

  • Custom Canvas - Marine, Golf, Bespoke Will outlast the material it is sewn into - If your seams deteriorate before your fabric does, GORE® will pay for the seam repair!
  • Will not stain - Never worry about spills, cleaning products or dirt again!
  • Will not mold, mildew or discolor from sun exposure - No more mismatched thread repairs!
  • Available in CLEAR and a range of other colors. Clear thread disappears into many fabrics!
  • Made in the USA!

Fabric Care & Maintenance Tips

Care and maintenance of your new custom canvas product is important after the initial purchase. You purchased the very best custom made top or enclosure, now you need to maintain that pride of ownership for years to come.



  • Windows should be cleaned and polished regularly with a soft cloth. You can use any of the products designed for this, available at your local marine supply store. Pledge is recommended.


  • Zippers should be cleaned with clean water, and then a silicone spray should be applied. Be careful to not get it on the windows.

Custom Canvas - Marine, Golf, Bespoke Fasteners

  • Fasteners should be lubricated regularly with Vaseline and a cotton swab or Chapstick®.


  • It is always advisable to clean and dry your canvas and windows before storage. Do not store wet.
  • Tarps should not be put on over canvas. Windy conditions can cause them to rub through the canvas and they do not allow the fabric to breath.
  • Canvas can be folded; windows cannot. Windows should be stored either lying flat with sheets or towels in between them or rolled up in a protective tube.


  • Only covers that are specifically designed for on-the-road travel, should be used while trailering. You should never trailer a boat with the enclosure or bimini top up. The high rate of wind speed can destroy them. If they do survive the trip, the dirt and grime will have scratched the glass or soiled the canvas.
  • Also, accidents can happen. If your top flies off, it could blind another driver!
  • Even covers that are designed for travel need to be cared for correctly. Do not use straps across the cover. The straps can cause chaffing, and ultimately, rip through the cover.

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